Our Grand Adventure

2003 has been an extraordinary year, packed with changes and excitement. In order to be closer to the Krutulis and Gensic families, we decided in the late Summer of 2002 to move back to Hoosier country. We put our Ijamsville, Maryland house up for sale in July and the adventure officially began. Ironically, Joe was laid off by Artesia Technologies on Sept. 30, 2002, abruptly ending his experiment in four years of intense devotion to work. Serendipity took hold, and we received and accepted an offer on our house the very same evening!

Anastasia walloped Joe in the job-hunting contest and has been working as a librarian at the West Lafayette Public Library since the beginning of the year. Joe has been responsible for running the household and teaching Kira, Max, Emma and Henry at home. He has relished the opportunity to make up for some of the family time lost during the previous four years.


We ended up in a far better place than we could have imagined when we started our adventure. Housing costs in Indiana are reasonable, especially when compared to the insanity of the Washington, DC area. But we were determined to find a place that allowed us to live within the means of a librarian's salary. We had just about given up house hunting and resigned ourselves to renting, when Anastasia's determined heroism paid off handsomely. She found a spectacular little house, one of only three houses on a privately owned 140 acre lake in rural Warren County!

We named our little corner of paradise Bug's Bog and have lived splendidly since we moved here in January of 2003. We have less than a third of the living space that we had in Maryland and have been getting by on less money than we would have dreamt possible. But our quality of life here is so far beyond anything we had previously achieved.

Together we watch the sun rise over the lake in the morning and set over Illinois in the evening, and then we watch the moon do the same. We savor our homemade bread every day. We walk for hours along quiet country roads, gather rocks from the fields for a stone fireplace, plan and develop our gardens, dream of owning chickens and eating fresh eggs, and plan for expanding our little cabin.

We watch rain, lightning, and snow. We have become a part of the weather around us and suffer the heat and cold, but when the prairie winds attack, we snuggle under Anastasia's quilts and read.

We're enthralled by the phenomenal procession of migrating and resident birds. We catch glimpses of a magnificent eight-point stag protecting his harem. We lose ourselves in amazing clouds of summertime butterflies. We stare in wonder at the winter stars, while listening to the coyotes and owls fill the night with their cries. We explore, collect plants and insects, fish, fly kites, canoe, and ride our bikes for miles and miles along the Wabash River.

Our experience this year has clearly demonstrated that although money is a wonderful measure of value, it does not measure the most wonderful values. Here it is possible to live and enjoy the thoughtful life. Bug's Bog is a most perfect place to fulfill our sacred privilege to learn and grow together every day. This is what it is to be a family.

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