FabricPile: Kids

I love my children. How else can I start? It is a joy and privilege to be with them and watch them develop into the amazing people they are and will become. Life is sweet.

Kira Anastasia

Kira is an incredibly creative young woman. She has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil--and peck away at a keyboard. Her first novel, penned at age 7, was 80 pages of amazing narrative and dialog. She's been pouring out the prose ever since. She is a wealth of new ideas.

She also has a wonderful sense of color and design. I love the time we spend knitting and quilting. We've made a couple of quilts together and I look forward to many more collaborations with her. She is my decorator and her art work is amazing. She can draw, paint, work with ink, pencils and pastels. Her love of The Lion King and drawing brought her to create Fan Art. Kira's fingers fly on her keyboard and she has amazed her instructor with the speed at which she has picked up playing piano.

Mark Alexander (Max)

Max is a very perceptive young man. He notices everything going on around him and analyzes and integrates effortlessly. He has been very easy to teach because it is if somehow he already knows what he is learning. When he was much younger, he had a proclivity to correct everyone around him. His favorite word as a toddler was, "Actually . . ." I recall having to lecture him on our vacation out West when he was only three years old to stop correcting strangers' grammar. He has learned to keep it to himself when he has to, but his Superhero nickname is "Captain Captious."

Max is currently learning to play his new acoustic guitar. Someday we'll have quite a family band playing here at Bug's Bog.

Emma Isabella

Emma keeps us all on our toes. She is quick-witted and intense. She has a passion and focus which are being well-served by her practice of Tae Kwon Do. She has proven to be a solid competitor at tournaments, but she is a girl through and through. She can put on make-up better than I can. And everyone is jealous of her ability to tan through brick walls.

Emma enjoys her school work. She is a loyal friend and has a great time with her buddies Lydia and Shelby. Emma has a warm heart and her compassion is touching.

Henry Akston

Henry is our sweetheart and comedian. He's everyone's "Bestest Snuggle Buddy." He's a blue belt now and working out with the high ranks. He still loves coffee, but prefers it in the form of mom's homemade decaf. frappaccinos. He seems to share Max's style of soaking up the air around him to learn new things. He has also developed quite a sense of humor. At five, he is reading like a pro and working his way through all of the Star Wars chapter books he can get his hands on.

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