FabricPile: Kitchen

A baker's dozen of things to know about me and my kitchen:

  1. The view from my sink is inspiring and bewitching.
  2. We bake our own bread--and no, I do not own a bread machine!
  3. I grind my own flours for bread. My favorite combination is kamut, spelt, amaranth, millet, and oat.
  4. Homemade soup and homemade bread are the perfect meal.
  5. In the past three years, I've purchased only three loaves of bread from a store. Each time was while we were traveling. Each time I winced.
  6. I am inordinately proud of the sixty pounds of Purdue University honey sitting in the five gallon bucket in my kitchen.
  7. I was afraid of making pie crusts from the age of 10 until just last year. I have conquered my fear.
  8. I love old cookbooks.
  9. If it's not worth using real butter, it's not worth making.
  10. bread
  11. Chocolate chips aren't just for baking--especially if they're Ghirardelli. (But you already knew that.)
  12. It has been hard for me to let Joe run my kitchen, but I must admit he does a danged fine job. Even his bread is yummy.
  13. My homemade caramel is dangerously perfect. Next stop: pralines.
  14. My most important culinary inspirations are: my dear Gujarati friend Pushpa Patel, my repeated visits to Japan and Italy, and the vibrant Middle Eastern community in Detroit, Michigan.
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