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The Schmenkman Girls Gone Wild:

Schmenkman Sisters

...or as wild as they get, anyway.



  1. Purple log cabin -- My very first quilt, and it still reigns as the family's "Magic Quilt." 1987. Gasp!
  2. Jewel tone log cabin. Still our tablecloth.
  3. Blue and Green log cabin. Another tablecloth.
  4. Jon & Mary Barclay log cabin
  5. Barnard Wisconson Log Cabin
  6. Joe green squares. Tied, not quilted. Falling apart!
  7. Blue-rose-green Irish chain. The quilt that convinced me not to use cheap fabrics. 1990
  8. Cinderella--an internet exchange quilt.
  9. Joe's Brights. On our bed since 1999.
  10. Face Quilt--small. Kira's original quilt.
  11. Face Quilt--large. Had a queen-sized quilt's worth of left-overs.
  12. Kira baby quilt. Guildcrafter's calicoes--"Nothing over $5!".
  13. Yellow-pink nine patch. Max loves this big quilt.
  14. Tulips. Begun the day Kira was due. Finished the day after my 1230 arrived.
  15. Blues with charms. Playing with gradation. First use of my signature flannel batting.
  16. Purple and White--a shop sample for Guildcrafter's.
  17. Windmill Jay Z. baby quilt.
  18. Stars/clouds--Jay Z.
  19. Turtles Emma Z.
  20. Pine Trees Linda B.
  21. Pine Trees--still on Mark and Betty's wall!
  22. Hidden Wells--Joe's mom.
  23. Hidden Wells--Kim
  24. Jordyn Murray--cats
  25. Kirsten Murray--cats. Poor Lauren!
  26. Hands--Grandma's 50th birthday quilt.
  27. Stars wall-hanging--Mary
  28. Christmas Tree--Mary
  29. Jon & Shari Irish Chain.
  30. Jon & Shari--chili pepper runner.
  31. Windmills--Jacob's baby quilt.
  32. Rachel's baby quilt.
  33. 3-D blocks. The cats tried to jump into this one--while it was on the wall!
  34. Paint Strips. Playing with hand-dyed fabric.
  35. Annalisa's super fun quilt. I had to buy more fabric to make another one.
  36. Quilt hanging in Berkley Public Library.
  37. Scott and Shelley--modern black/pinks
  38. Baby--Todd & Janet
  39. Baby--Will Angell
  40. Salina's baby quilt. Jungle nine-patch.
  41. Dad1.
  42. Dad2.
  43. Whitney's beautiful pastel quilt.
  44. Laura Bower King--brights for baby Madisen.
  45. Julie Kocks Baker--Tasha's log cabin. Poor Lydia!
  46. I.U. quilt--Jay. Just about worn through!
  47. Genna--4 patch.
  48. Mom--houses in guest room
  49. Mary and Joe's Christmas squares.
  50. Erin Donaldson's baby quilt. They still want another (quilt, not baby!)
  51. Mom's hand pieced traditional stars. Looks awesome on her table.
  52. Jon & Shari's Stars and Hearts. Electronics and funky hearts--July, 2000
  53. Annalisa's color/black-August 2000. My second quilt currently living in Italy.
  54. Psychosis--September, 2000
  55. Heartz--June, 2001
  56. Sculptural Motifs--Steven Dobbin. Still in a gallery someplace?? June, 2001
  57. Jake & Abbie's wedding quilt--Air Force blues--August, 2001
  58. Kira's Girl Quilt
  59. Cool Color Modern Roman Stripe
  60. Eli's purple/green/blue offset charm Quilt
  61. Merideth's purple/green/blue offset charm Quilt
  62. The Purple and Cream Monster Postage Stamp
  63. Henry's Bob the Builder quilt.
  64. Giant bow-tie quilt. Hand-quilted by Celia Morse.
  65. Max's Technicolor Dream Quilt -- Completed 3/4/2004
  66. Lost Quilt: Dollar Sign for Joe
  67. Happily Ever After in Chartreuse
  68. Favorite Uncle Mark's Five Star Patriots
  69. Quilt hanging in West Lafayette Public Library.
  70. Emma's Kitty Bow Tie (finally!)
  71. The Big-Ass Gear Bag
  72. Paul and Melissa's Wonky Flowers
  73. Silly Geese Flying South
Happily Ever After in Chartreuse

Tops completed, ready to finish: Leftover bow-tie quilt--at least I know where it is now; Cool Psychosis--for Sam and Jessica; Feeling Blue (& Orange).

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