"Woo Guyz's" Wonky Flower Quilt

Wonky Flowers

This quilt is hand-appliqued and machine pieced for my nephew Paul and his bride, Melissa. It measures 55" x 81". I got word that Melissa likes bright colors--especially lime green. Sorry, Pug. It's pretty much all about your lovely wife from this point on!

Wonky Flowers

The quilt began with a desire to put lime green with orange and fuschia. The blocks evolved as I worked on them. The fuschia flowers were first appliqued on lime green blocks. The purple yo-yo centers were added, and then I decided to made the lime fabrics appliqued circles on their orange backgrounds.

Wonky Flowers

I don't particularly like working in uniform block-type patterns, so off-setting each element helped to give it the tension I like. The buttons are from a bag of antique chartreuse buttons I bought off of eBay.

And here are the happy newlyweds:

Pug in Love

"Woo Guyz are gonna fwitz!"

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