Joseph Daniel Krutulis


On November 25, 1988 I married Anastasia Gensic. We had met five years earlier at an Indiana University philosophy seminar for high school students. After having shared more than 20 years of our lives, I am still learning to appreciate how fortunate I am.

Anastasia is the apotheosis of all my values, and Kira, Max, Emma, and Henry demonstrate just how extreme life is. There can be nothing better than sharing each day with my family. I intend my last thoughts to be of the wonders of our time together.

I live with my family at Bug's Bog, which is the 20th of the places I have lived. Perhaps because I have moved so frequently, I tend to locate myself through the ideas I encounter while reading. As a 2001 New Year's resolution, I started keeping a list of the books I have read.

I am a computer programmer, and I enjoy building, operating, and improving computer systems. I always crave an understanding of how people benefit from the systems I work on, so I thrive on projects in which I'm involved directly with those beneficiaries. When stripped to essentials, only one question really matters: Is it valuable to the business? Three primary factors contribute to the answer: the people, the information, and the code -- and the people come first.

If for some reason you should want more details, you can read about my professional and personal interests or review my resume.

Think & Enjoy -- JoeK

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