JoeK: Preferred Technologies

I've worked with many different technologies, including languages ranging from S/370 Assembler to Smalltalk and Java, and databases ranging from IMS, to the Gemstone ODBMS, to RDBMSes such as Oracle. Rather than exhaustively list every technology I've worked with, I thought it useful to specify my druthers, when working alone and also when working with a medium to large business.

When programming only for myself, I choose: A flavor or Unix, preferably OS X or Debian GNU/Linux. My favorite language is Smalltalk, but, alas, it was not to be! Since 2000, I've been thrilled to substitute Ruby, interfacing with C whenever raw performance is critical. I also use MySQL as a database, because the price-to-feature-and-performance ratio can't be beaten, and I use XHTML/CSS as a primary interface where possible. I steered clear of Ruby on Rails for awhile because the hype was so thick, but in June, 2005 I actually tried it and was hooked within a few hours. It's the best web framework I've ever seen for maximizing programmer productivity.

When developing in a business environment one must consider the precedents set by the organization. I've used, enjoyed, and advocate the following: Linux, Solaris or Windows as operating systems. For languages, Java (J2EE) and/or Ruby (I've also used C in certain desperate situations, but I have yet to encounter a business IT environment in which I thought C++ was the appropriate choice.) For interfaces, XHTML/CSS wherever possible, while using Javascript when necessary. As a database, any good RDBMS consistent with company standards works. For non-relational information, the importance of XML or a simpler formal markup scheme (e.g. YAML) cannot be overstated.

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