Kira Anastasia Krutulis


I'm fourteen years old.
I'm the oldest of the Krutulis kids.

Living at Bug's Bog has been a wonderful experience for me. I love looking at the beautiful countryside, watching the seasons cycle, observing the birds and butterflies all around us, and taking walks along the dirt roads. It's awesome here!


I still love writing and drawing. For Christmas I received a bunch of art supplies, especially pastel-related items, and I have been pastelling (if that's a word) a lot! My best pictures are of a cat and a dolphin. Writing? I still really love it. I've been posting on Fan with my friend Emma X. Together, we are the Black Belt Blondes.
I've also started playing piano since I got a huge keyboard for Christmas last year. It's got somewhere around five hundred different voices and sound effects, so it'll be great for creating future shows and songs on Garageband. Speaking of Garageband, you should hear what Max and I can do! Our #1 best-seller (well...not SELLER) is one called FranStanJam.

Max and I have been in Taekwondo for over two years now, and I've been a first degree black belt since November, 2005. I've already tested on my entire first degree form, so I'm on my way to second degree!

I like being able to train with the adults now. The class is smaller and we get to learn a lot more serious self-defense.

I volunteer one day a week at the West Lafayette Public Library. I get to go with the outreach librarian to area nursing homes so that residents can check out books. I also do other things in the library like organize the children's collection and select books for the outreach librarian to take to a local daycare center and Montessori school.

My Dee Dee Dots



Sonnet is an extremely large--and fat--four-year-old tortie. She is polydactyl, so she has a few too many toes on her front paws. But quite honestly, she is well-proportioned for them. Sonnet is affectionately known as "Jabba The Cat." It's difficult to motivate her to do much except lie around. She takes a few steps every once in a while, but the exertion usually makes her plunk down and wait a bit before she walks another few steps toward her destination. She sure can leap when there's a lap to be occupied, though!

I have taken Sonnet to two 4-H cat shows and both times she won a blue ribbon. But my favorite part of the cat shows are not showing the cats, it's showing off how much I know about cats. It's not bragging, it's showmanship class! In 2003 I won Reserve Champion, and in 2004 I ended up with Grand Champion cat showman.

Heloise Crazy Quilt

Toe Nail Chewer

We also call our little calico Antimacassar! Her favorite position is hanging over the backs or arms of furniture. She's not happy until all of her legs and her head are hanging freely. It makes us laugh every time we see her like that. Heloise is also a very snuggley lap-cat. And when Sonnet isn't chewing on her own toenails, as she loves to do (she has so many, after all), she also likes to chew on Heloise's.


Max and I like to explore Bug's Bog when the weather is nice. We've found a hidden creek behind a cornfield to the west and a pioneer cemetery to the north. We also like to walk in the woods around the lake and go canoeing with dad. On the east side of the lake there are acres of willow swamps that are great for canoeing. There is so much waiting for me to discover and write about.



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