Mark Alexander (Max) Krutulis


We have lived here at Bug's Bog for two years. Wow! The lake and skies are equally beautiful and amazing throughout the seasons. In the Winter the ice on the lake freezes one foot thick and we go ice skating. In the Spring we put on our boots and go into the crop fields to pick rocks. Some of the rocks are too big and heavy for my dad to carry them very far. We usually put those kinds of rocks in an old wooden wagon that doesn't work well. We were going to get my mom a heavy-duty wagon for Christmas, 2004, but we couldn't find one. In the summer we take the canoe out in the lake. When we are in the boat we can discover little coves in the lake that we never knew existed. In the Autumn we go on long walks down the dirt road. I also enjoy jogging. And oh, who could forget the sunsets? If the sun sets when the skies are clear then colors stretch in an elaborate rainbow up towards space. If there are clouds then the clouds are tinted with beautiful oranges and reds.


In my room I have a reading chair that has a lovely view of the lake. My bedroom is meant to be the master bedroom in our house, but it is now the bedroom of an eleven-year-old boy and a four-year-old boy. That and the chair combined make my parents jealous as Hera.

It is in this chair that I love to read. I can read in other places, of course, but my chair offers a strange serenity. I will occasionally look up from the land of fantasy that is my book, but I am usually far too absorbed. I have strange quirks with books, such as the fact that I lose my focus on books that I have been assigned to read. Another is that I feel uncomfortable reading a book that I don't own. I don't often read library books unless they really, really strike my interest.

Some of my favorite books include Eragon (Inheritance Series), The Pendragon series, The Silverwing series, The Keys to the Kingdom series, and everyone's favorite "read it in an hour" book series that many look upon as blasphemous...did you guess?... Harry Potter.

Home Schooling

Corn Snake

Home schooling allows me to explore my own interests, such as animals. I admire creatures that have special adaptations to their habitats. For example, toucans have large bills to help them to pluck fruits from the stronger branches. Here are just some of the amazing environments where special animal adaptations are needed:

Think about camels, dolphins, flying squirrels, and penguins. Don't you think they have neat ways to survive?


Terre Haute Tournament

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is Taekwondo. I love martial arts! We usually stretch at the beginning of class, so I have gotten incredibly flexible. When I do the splits, I can almost go all the way down to the floor. I can do a kick above my head. I am also in the Taekwondo instructor program, so I get to help teach classes. I really enjoy doing that. As a student, I am doing great.

Things I Love

My Family

Brother and Sisters

Here's a picture of me with my brother Henry and my sisters Kira and Emma. The picture was taken on the porch of my Great Grandpop's workshop in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. He was a sign painter. I wish I'd had the chance to work with him in his shop. My Great Grandmother, G.G., still lives in her house next to the workshop.

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